What’s It Worth?

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We can offer 3 different ways to find out how much your home is worth. It depends on how accurate you want the answer!

An Accurate Property Value

Setting An Accurate Market Price is Essential for Success

You cannot underestimate the importance of setting the correct market price for your property to achieve a successful sale or to maximize your rental income. 

Having a sales valuation on your home is essential. Our property experts know the local market like the back of their hand. They are always aware of fluctuating market trends as well as the supply of available properties and the demand from potential buyers and tenants. 

We Have 3 Different Ways to Find Out…

You can get a super quick computer-generated value, you can upload photos and submit a virtual valuation, or you can book a face-to-face valuation appointment. 

Instant Valuation

A quick sales valuation calculated by a computer algorithm based upon data sources such as land registry, historic prices and property portal data. The characteristics of the property aren’t taken into account.

Perfect if you’re just curious or want a general idea before having a more detailed assessment.

60% – 70% ACCURATE

Virtual Valuation

A more detailed assessment carried out by our property expert. You complete some basic property details, let us know any other information that you consider relevant and even add pictures if you wish.

Send us the completed form and we’ll send you a detailed market appraisal in 24 hours!

80% – 90% ACCURATE

Valuation Visit

A traditional face to face appraisal carried out by our property expert who will visit your property and discuss your requirements. They will provide a detailed marketing plan to help to achieve the best price.

Ideal if you are committed to putting your property onto the market in the immediate future.


I was discussing the marketing strategy with James in the garden when I heard a buzzing noise. I looked up and saw a drone taking some aerial footage of my house!